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Why is THE PAXTON HERALD the best?

First, THE PAXTON HERALD is a community advocate.

THE PAXTON HERALD definitely is a community advocate. We give our Subscribers and Advertisers more than they can get from other media or shopper's guides. Our readership is made up primarily of Shoppers, people who take time to look for the best buys. Also, our Readers have learned to trust the integrity of the paper that prints the news the daily paper is afraid to print. Our Readers believe in what we stand for in our editorial policy, and that enhances the integrity of our advertisers.

Second, THE PAXTON HERALD is a welcome house guest.

There is a manner in which our Readers use our newspaper. Our pages of free personal classifieds, offering everything from children's toys to major appliances, creates a line-for-line and page-for-page readership habit. People don't just scan THE PAXTON HERALD; they diligently read every classified ad that they find interspersed among the news, editorial and advertising units on each page of our paper. Our Readers carry THE PAXTON HERALD with them and repeatedly refer to the classifieds so that the opportunity for them to see your ad occurs many times. We are not the kind of paper that gets left on the bus seat or the restaurant table.

Finally, THE PAXTON HERALD cares!

Our rates are right and our editorial integrity is above reproach. Also, our Readers know that we care about them by our not only recognizing, but responding to their needs.


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